My name is a unique one. I made it up by combining first three letters of first two words of my full name. Veera Venkata Chowdary → Veeven. In my childhood, I was called Chowdary. Old friends and relatives still call me so. As I grow older and explore the world, it turned out that both parts of my name are either prefix or suffix. “Chowdary” is the last name (and surname) in some communities. So if I say my name is “Chowdary”, people would ask me “which Chowdary?”. And, “Veera Venkata” is a pre-fixture in some communities. So, I need to invent something that refers only me and nothing else. So, “Veeven”. (But later I found pastries on that name. :-) That’s a different issue.) I use my full name for official purposes.

I continue to have trouble to get “Veeven” across to people. People would ask me again what was it just I said. People still do not get my name in the first instance. (Well, initially, it sounded new to even me.) Now, most people I knew would call me Veeven.

The uniqueness (and newness) of my name has its own disadvantages (and advantages). Some people have problem spelling my name correctly. There are so many incorrect spellings of my name around the web: Veevan, Viven, Viveen, Veevin, etc.

(ఇంగ్లీష్‌లో బ్లాగు టపా రాసి చాలా రోజులయ్యింది.)

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