Updates on Lekhini

Let’s start with improvements:

  1. On-demand conversion: Sometimes you want the input to be transformed right then. Now, you can press the down arrow key to see the output instantly (and, the cursor remains in the input box).
  2. Sometimes you may (when the cursor in the output box) want to go to the input box using the keyboard. Now, you can! Use the up arrow key.
  3. About page: Now you can read what?, why?, and how? of Lekhini and opinions of other people about Lekhini in the about page.
  4. Some additions and minor re-arrangements of elements. Now Lekhini’s page layout should swiflty adjust itself even on wide screen displays. You can send me screenshots if you have really wide monitor with high screen resolutions (> 1500 pixels wide). So, I can see any problems.

What’s next?

  1. Didn’t you see that the help page is still empty?
  2. A downloadable package that works offline. Right now, you can save it as "Webpage, complete" to use it offline.
  3. On-the-fly conversion (I'm not really sure I'll do it.)

What can YOU do?

  1. Tell your friends about Lekhini: http://veeven.org/lekhini/
  2. Contribute to and spread Telugu Wikipedia.
  3. Get and use Firefox.
  4. Be happy! :-)

What do people say?

There were mentions about Lekhini on some online forums. Some nice people blogged about it. Some other nice people expressed their views on Lekhini (either in blog comments or to google groups). Still nicier people told all their friends about Lekhini. The niciest have been silently enjoying using Lekhini.

On all major search engines (except Google), my Lekhini makes it to the top 5 for the search word "lekhini". Google doesn’t seem to have crawled Lekhini pages yet.

It gives me a very satisfactory feeling that I did Lekhini. :-) Thanks for all your support.

(I’m an English fanatic. Otherwise, I would have written this post in Telugu.)


One thought on “Updates on Lekhini

  1. హాయ? వీవెన?!
    మీ లేఖిని చాలా బాగ?ంది.
    ‌ఫైర?‌ఫాక?స? లో 100% మేమ? తెల?గ?న? చడగల?గ?త?న?నామ?. కానీ విండోస? లో మొదటి TextArea పక?కన ఉన?న Table లో తెల?గ? కనిపించడంలేద?.
    సహాయం చేయగలరని ఆశిస?త?న?నాన?.
    – ధన?యవాదమ?ల?.


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