My Three Things: Software

This is the first in My Three Things series of posts that wish to make about things I like most. The first is about software that make difference in my life, that make me feel good. Here we go:

  1. Firefox ScreenshotMozilla Firefox: Lets me browse more in less time. No pop-ups. I control what I see on web pages. I can customize the UI to suite my needs and get the most viewing-space for web pages. I can extend its functionality using extensions. I also use nice looking themes to different sometimes. “Smart keywords” is another nice feature: I search Google,, Wikipedia, and look up meanings in OALD without first going to those sites.
  2. Vim ScreenshotVim: Makes me feel like I’m at home. Puts the power in my hands. Yet takes no space in my precious screen-real-estate.
  3. Xara Xtreme: Makes graphics fun for me. Easy and intutive to use.

These are great tools. One thing that feels good to me is first two are already free-software developed in open-source methodology. And, the last one has just became one.


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