Someone outwitted Gmail

Nothing is immune. (తాడిని తన?నే వాడొకడ?ంటే వాడి తలని తన?నే వాడింకొకడ?ంటాడ?!)

GMail Outsmarted.

Even the “More options” does not show anything.

Someone outwitted Gmail”పై 2 స్పందనలు

  1. I am a proud Gmail user. Never worrying about email size, incredibly fast reply (powered by AJAX, a technology often used by Google), Web Clips,
    automatic forwarding, one button – click search, advanced filters, labels and not folders, message preview, automatic refresh, auto-save messages,as-good-as-yahoomail spam filters, not one executable to be sent or received, feeling of having a different technology? A definite recommendation for
    anyone that reads more than one email per day.
    Have you tried Gmail? If yes, what's your taste on it? Why do you love it/hate it?


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