Lekhini launches

I am very pleased to announce the launch of Lekhini (లేఖిని), a simple online Telugu script generator. It transforms your input (in RTS) into Unicode. The script generated in Lekhini can be used in the following places:

  • e-mails
  • web pages & blogs
  • instant messaging
  • and wherever there is Unicode support

Lekhini is based on Padma (పద్మ), another text transformer that works for most of the South Indian languages and supports more input and output formats. While all the hardwork is of the Padma developers, I just tweaked it to make it simple and easy for users.

Lekhini‘s objective is to be a simple Telugu script generator. In the process of buiding it, I cleaned up some of the things in Padma that are not always required or that are a bit overwhelming to novice users.

The following are the advantages of my simplification:

  • No need to scroll down in search of a text box to type in (The input box is right on top. Just type in after the page load.)
  • You do not see options and settings that you never use (You will see just what you need.)
  • The 3-window operation (type in one, copy in another, and paste in yet another) has been reduced to 2-window operation. (type and copy in one, and paste in another).
  • An RTS Translitelation Chart beside your typing area—easy reference (to know what to type to get what).
  • No more Yahoo ads :-)

Go, play with it. If you find it useful, recommend it to your friends. Your feedback is welcome (veeven at gmail dot com).

Update 2006-03-19: Lekhini has improved.

22 thoughts on “Lekhini launches

  1. Adhirindhi Veeven.

    Mee editor aachandrarka sthayilo nilichipovali veeven. Ee idea raavatam, dhaanni aacharanalo pettatam meeke chellindhi. Chaala baaga chesaaru.

    Inkaa ila manchi manchi saankethika viluvalatho beebathsamaina, roudramaina pani mutlanu meeru vaadukaloki theesukuragalarani baavisthu…..

    Nenu untaanu…..Suneel.

  2. ‘లేఖిని’ కి మొదటి పుట్టినరోజు శుభాకాంక్షలు. “కొంచమైన నదియు కొదువకాదు…”
    అన్నట్లుగా వీవెన్ గారి కృషికి అభినందనలు.

  3. “తెలుగు లో రాయండి” బదులు “తెలుగు లో వ్రాయండి” అని వుంటే బాగుంటుంది అనుకుంటున్నాను. ఇది కేవలం అభిమానంతోనే. ఈ కామెంట్ ని తొలగించండి.

  4. Dear veeven

    I want to download Lekhini into the windows 2000. Many friends suggest to o to control panel etc., That may be alright. But my problem is that I want phonetic typing of telugu in telugu with the key board of English. I cannot use the complex telugu key board.
    I therefore want to download Lekhini in windows so that I can access whenever I want to send msgs or write in telugu in MS word and save it for use at a later stage.

    I am sure you understood and help me.



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